Bridge inspections


Level 1 and Level 2 bridge inspections (and culvert inspections) are at the core of our business. This is the foundation information that leads to any indepth analysis. it’s the fundamental building blocks for maintenance and capital works scheduling as well as valuations, depreciations, bridge load assessments and many other outcomes.

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Our Level 3 Bridge/Culvert Inspection Reports detail a full structural engineering survey and analysis of the structure. Depending on the scenario with each specific structure, this may include bridge modelling (structural analysis), load testing, coring (in concrete bridges and culverts) and many other destructive and non-destructive testing methods.

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We understand the difficulties in accessing smaller culverts and have developed innovative techniques to ensure adequate information can be gathered to help in the management process. Through our normal risk assessment processes, we have identified issues with entering the ‘confined’ or ‘restricted’ spaces of minor culverts and stormwater drainage infrastructure for purposes of inspection.

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