About Us

Instrada is an innovative entity that combines knowledge, expertise and personal service, specialising in providing accurate and meaningful assessments of civil infrastructure to our clients.  With our strong ties in the civil construction industry and our extensive knowledge base, Instrada strives to be a ‘One Stop Destination’ for infrastructure inspections and management for our clients. 

Instrada is a Toowoomba based company with a strong local foundation in the civil engineering and construction industry.  We are proud to be a Queensland based company and provide our services all over this great state and beyond.

Our Team


Bede Castles 


Bede has worked in the civil construction industry for the duration of his career, working for government and the private sector and has extensive experience in the inspection, maintenance, rehabilitation and construction of civil structures.  Bede’s wide range of practical and managerial experience has given him a broad understanding of project requirements and desirables, from the initiation phase to completion, with the understanding of the importance of stakeholder satisfaction and maintaining a high level of quality assurance.


Daniel Schimke


Daniel commenced his engineering career with the Department of Main Roads based in Toowoomba.  He has worked in various aspects of the Civil Construction Industry ranging from road and bridge construction through to asset management of various asset types.  Daniel has worked for various government and private companies and has seen a broad range of systems and processes.  Daniel has experience in managing projects and people and prides himself on providing quality services to the civil industry.