Level 1 & Level 2 Bridge Inspections

Our level 1 bridge inspection or culvert inspection provides a report based on a visual inspection of the structure, aimed at identifying any unusual characteristics and any problems that may arise in the near future. It is used to assess the general performance of the structure.

The main aim is to allow any anomalies to be reported for further investigation and to enable preventative maintenance activities to be identified and prioritised in lieu of reactive maintenance. Level 1 inspections on all structures should be performed annually unless a Level 2 or a Level 3 inspection is being completed.

Our level 2 bridge inspection or culvert inspection is a more in-depth process and provides detailed and quantified data to formulate and prioritise maintenance works (through the general asset management process). Each component within the structure is rated based on the condition, which allows development of a risk score for each bridge and prioritises it against other structure assets within your infrastructure network. Defective components are identified and quantified (including details on root causes) and associated remediation actions are suggested and detailed. The information gathered through this process can then be further analysed to develop extensive reporting and management.