Specialist Equipment

Instrada utilise a wide range of specialised equipment in order to gain access to all components of bridges, culverts and stormwater systems.  Instrada own or have access to a wide variety of specialised access equipment including, Elevated Work Platforms (EWP), Under Bridge Inspection Units (UBIU), Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and tractor cameras for small culverts and stormwater infrastructure.

Wifi Robot

Our track mounted inspection robots are robust and small enough to fit into small culverts and stormwater drainage systems to eliminate the safety risks associated with entering a ‘confined’ or ‘restricted’ space. Through the refinement and implementation of the latest Wi-Fi technologies, our track mounted robots are controlled wirelessly via a standard laptop computer.

The latest high definition camera with 360º pan and 180º tilt rotation to enable the inspection of even the smallest of defects.

Real time positioning of the robot, with details of structure/cell references, as well as distance travelled and camera angle details, to ensure that defect location and mapping is accurate.

Wi-Fi Robot
Wi-Fi Camera

Wi-Fi Camera

We use specialised high definition zoom cameras, combined with the latest Wi-Fi and lighting technologies to cater for the inspection of stormwater assets. Our stormwater drainage inspection cameras are able to be panned and tilted to any angle from the entrance of stormwater pit using our robotic software, which eliminates the need for entry into these potentially hazardous environments.

We have complemented theses specialised technologies with geocoded GUI to enable GPS mapping of your stormwater system network along with the locations of any defects.


Our access equipment including a track mounted Elevated Work Platforms (EWP), Under Bridge Inspection Units (UBIU), rope access equipment, inspection boats and canoes, enables us to gain access to the most challenging areas of a structure, to allow us to provide a high quality, accurate and a more in-depth inspection of your infrastructure if required.

We have a vast array of specialist inspection equipment available to supplement a normal inspection including:-

  • Ultra-sonic thickness gauges
  • Ground penetrating radar reinforcement locators (3D imaging)
  • Electronic crack gauges
  • EWP, UBIU and scaffolding
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles (drones)
  • Tractor cameras
  • Pipe cameras
  • Confined space entry equipment
  • Clegg hammer