Ambridge Bridge Management Software

We are proud to introduce our specialised infrastructure bridge inspection and management software aptly titled ‘AmBridge’. AmBridge is a derivative of a database developed by one of our Managing Directors and which was purchased and currently utilised by eight local government authorities throughout Australia.

AmBridge has been developed to be user friendly at the operational level. It has been purposefully developed to minimise human error and report writing times, as well as perform complex data analysis tasks at the touch of a button.

The system has been built based upon the Department of Transport and Main Roads ‘Bridge Inspection Manual’ and focuses the requirements of local government authorities through infrastructure condition reporting and asset management reporting such as valuations, depreciations, maintenance programming forecasts and budgeting

AmBridge Structure Management Software has been developed to store critical data such as:-

  • Structure information including the location, lengths, widths, heights, construction material, number of spans etc.
  • Level 1, 2 & 3 inspection data including quantities, components and condition ratings.
  • Timber Bridge Drilling Module which generates a visual representation of drill test locations and the results.
  • Asset valuation and depreciation
  • Risk score generation comparing all structures within the district’s road network.
  • Maintenance scheduling, backlogging and cost estimation.
  • Specific bridge historical data storage including original plans, completed maintenance details, inspection reports, flood levels and overtopping etc.